Why choose Us

Quality First

All parts are the highest Genuine OEM (orignal equipment manufacturer) standards. We do not use cheap aftermarket products. There are cheap parts available to buy but how long do they last? All parts used comes with warranty exclude liquid and accidental damage  


We carry out full checks of the device before and after the repair to ensure it's working 100% before returning it to you. I would require the customer to show me the device is working. This is the most important part as I need to fully test the device for any other complications which may have been on the device prior to the repair. Your device will be in safe hands and I have strict guidelines to respect customer's privacy/data.

The checks we do are: Touch functionality, LCD Pixels, Moving Apps around screen, Camera (front and back), Fingerprint function, Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor.

My customers are always happy

we have repaired over 1,000 devices and many satisfied customers and recommendations. So if you or your family/friends need a repair, drop us a message.