No job is too big or small. I can repair almost anything that's wrong with your device. I'm a fully qualified technician. Rest assured your device will be handled with care.

Screen Repair

- Cracked Screen

- LCD Bleed 

- Touch function not working

- Black Screen

Water Damage

- Liquid damage

- Some functions not    working

- Red sticker indicator 

- Condensation 

Charge Port 

- Not charging

- Broken charger stuck inside

- Dust cleaning 

- Only works with one cable?

- Cable not recognised?


- Loudspeaker crackling

- Unable to hear other person      talking?

- Headphone socket not working

- Muffling sounds


- Battery not holding charge

- Getting warm/hot

- Expanded 


- Volume not working

- Buttons stuck 

- Broken buttons


- Wifi not connecting

- Only certain length working

- Bluetooth not connecting


Not sure what the issue is? drop us a message, we will walk through it with you